This is our "Self-ownership" poster/banner set, the second of our central Character Development
themes. This is the second theme for internalization, after "Work Ethic" has set the stage. These
first two themes create the foundation for internalizing our other themes of "Core Values (Top Ten
Pillars)" and "Tolerance," yielding a 'global' understanding for true character development. These
posters/banners cause the individual to take the ultimate responsibility - for themselves.

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The 50 largest cities in the United States have an
average drop out rate of

Click here to read possible reasons and our solutions for this...

"If you want to create change, you must make changes..."

Regarding lost and recovered ADA... (click here)

You don't need to be a high drop out rate school or district to find tremendous value using our program...
This "Top Ten Pillars" poster set does not include  
blue surrounding border. These individual posters
can be arranged as you see best...
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To the left is a "locker sticker,"
usable anywhere else on
campus as well.

But can you imagine the impact
of every locker being opened
in the morning across campus
with this as the first greeting of
the day?

Available in two sizes. This is
the same material as a bumper

Please see our
"View all
Support Materials" page for

Have your custodial staff place
them in every locker after
school one day... Surprise!
The above "Work Ethic" banner/poster addresses one of the core issues we are facing in schools today. This
is the beginning and a central theme that runs throughout our program. Our other three central themes are
described below - "Self-ownership," "Core Values (Top Ten Pillars)," and "Tolerance." Together, these
seamlessly tie a school together, forming a solid foundation for true and lasting changes within your
student-staff-administration population.
... as seen from far and wide.
This banner is hung at the place where parents and buses drop students off, where faculty/admin and
student parking is, and where students, parents, and community make the tie -in that the school desires.
Since enacting this program at this school, within two years, the overall graduation rate (student retainment)
has gone from 58% to 88% - a 51% increase (
a 30% lowering of the drop out rate) (click here for data).
A portion of our "Self-ownership" theme...
Buyer beware: Most sign companies will print on 10 ounce or 12 ounce vinyl banner
material and use 3rd party inks (because it's much less expensive). Most inks and
banner materials are not UV resistant, or have limited resistance.

These lightweight banners printed with "cheap" ink will not hold up more then a year
or so. They are intended for sports events, etc. Plus, they often crack when rolled for
storage for future events.

Many sign companies do not print period, but use vinyl cut letters which are glued to
the background. Again, an even shorter life span.

We use only OEM (original equipment from the manufacturer), Mutoh Eco-Solvent ink
on reinforced 15oz. gloss banner material which will last for years outdoors in
weather without losing its color, fade, crack or rip while hung flat on the side of a
building. Our inks and the banner material are the most UV resistant available.

These are literally the finest material money can buy, printed on specialty machines.
Ask your banner printer what they use. Ask them specifically about the weight of the
vinyl and the type of ink they use. If they use glue on printed letters, you should
forego them if you want longevity.

posters are made of very sturdy materials, close in thickness of a
"thicker-than-usual" paperback book cover. "Character Counts" uses 10 pound
paper, like copy paper for their posters. Ours can be moved time and again without
damage and will last for years.

Character Counts also uses materials from third party vendors, where ours are
consistent and aligned within our program in every aspect. Most every "Character
Education" materials distributor is this way, with a hodge podge of materials that are
inconsistent at best.


You don't pay us until after you receive your materials. If you don't think they are
superior, then send them back. We will refund your shipping costs as well any money
you might have sent us.

We use only the finest materials, so we also offer an unconditional guarantee on
workmanship and quality.
Students need to WANT to learn! It doesn't happen by magic...

Can you imagine within your school or district:

- Your students finding "meaning and purpose" for developing a true sense of "work ethic."

- Your student populations feeling appreciated for the uniqueness that they all bring to each campus.

- Students and all staff/admin on a common basis of belief regarding learning and school success.

- A sense of true pride for success by all parties.

- Finally finding common ground throughout your diversity, devoted to fostering true "learning communities" where all
individuals feel commonality.

- A school community that is joined in the common desire for success.
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The Principal of our "pilot school" was just chosen (February 1012) as the center spread in
"California Educator," a magazine which all teachers and Administration in California receive.

The title of this article is "What is Leadership?"

This is one out of over 17,000 schools in California.