We all have State Standards, High School Exit Exams, Benchmarks, API
requirements, AYP goals for continuous improvement, school wide site plans,
counseling that runs beyond compassionate - and every other program that
has been thought of so far. There are "few stones left uncovered."

So why are we in such dire straights educationally?

The answer is simple: the students are not motivated to actively learn.

Yes, there are schools that have dropped the ball and need to do more. But at
the same time, we believe that virtually
all schools have the proper intention,
they just don't know how to pro-actively form an inspiring "learning community."

Scrutiny is so great right now by the State and Federal Governments, that the
reasons or blame for such dismal failure cannot be placed on the average
school or districts' State and Federally mandated protocol.

The changes that need to occur must come from
within each and every
individual - whether they be Students, Staff, Faculty, or Administration.
In defense of what schools are already doing...