Making Positive Choices specializes in CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT lectures, lesson
plans, and physical support materials. Intended for all individuals at all grade levels, we
are dedicated to teaching the skills necessary for making positive choices in and out of
school, by spreading the concepts and importance of
"Self-responsibility," "Work
Ethic," "Core Values," and "Tolerance."

This is a complete and viable program. We are not just a distributor of materials, nor do
we offer any 3rd party products. This is a single, unified concept that has proven itself
beyond doubt. As you see what we offer, please spread the word about us by
forwarding our web site address to other interested parties.

Our program works well with all “Character Counts” Pillar materials, and ‘sandwiches’
these Pillars ("Values") with our other core concepts of "Self-responsibility,"Work Ethic,"
and “Tolerance.” We also offer our own set of Character Pillars,which include these four
additional topics of "Duty," “Courage,” “Honesty,” and “Work Ethic.”

These other four pillars are crucial to Character Development... We believe these
additional four character traits are of equal value and add to those pillars found within
the "Character Counts" pillars."

Duty, Honesty, Work Ethic, and mostly, Courage - these are a
We offer a comprehensive school/district-wide program
that causes immediate and tangible change.