Our Vision:

As educational leaders, we envision ourselves as a web based company that recognizes positive

character development as something that should be taught within the school setting. Though academic

development has always been the central focus of education, we believe that it is but a part of the equation

to creating a “well-rounded” individual who is able to undertake the role of a productive and creative citizen,

with the ability to create meaningful outcomes within society. We further believe that all students can be

taught the edicts of “Self-responsibility,” “Positive Core Values,” “Tolerance of Others,” and the

development of a strong “Work Ethic,” thereby allowing them to take control of their lives in a positive and

meaningful way. These are what we see as the measures needed for closing the student achievement gap,

and assuring that the public school systems of the United States provide a citizenry of able minded

individuals who can fill the needs of society in the future.  

Our Mission:

As educational leaders, we shall continuously promote the aspects of “Self-responsibility,” “Positive Core

Values,” a strong “Work Ethic,” and “Tolerance,” alongside the required academics. We shall do so through

providing lecture materials for all students and school faculty, and further promote this character

development with lesson plans that are proctored during weekly classroom periods that are set apart for

such non-academic teachings. We shall further ensure this personal and interpersonal learning and growth

via visual images of “I am who I choose to be, and have the right to change as I grow” (self-responsibility),

“The Top Ten Pillars of Character Education” (positive core values), as well as “Work Ethic” and

“Tolerance” reminders. We strive to make all schools places of complete immersion of this

methodology for character development. As a change agent, we shall create continuous focus upon these

variables of character development, yielding a positive and proactive perspective and a higher level of

achievement within each student, teacher, and administrative individual.