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Pennant - Character Education
001        Pennant - Character Education
Pennant - I Choose to Be
002        Pennant - I Choose To Be
Classroom Poster Set
010        Poster - I Choose To Be - 12 x 18 inch
013        Poster - I Choose To Be - 4 x 24 inch
011        Poster - I Choose To Be - 24 x 36 inch
014        Poster - I Choose To Be - 6 x 39 inch
Poster - Top Ten Pillars
022        Top Ten Pillars Poster Set
030        Tolerance of Others Poster Set
040       Vinyl Indoor/outdoor Banner - 24" x 10 feet
050         Self-responsibility Poster Set
002        Pennant - I Choose To Be
Copyright © 2003-2013 Making Positive Choices
Our indoor/outdoor vinyl banners are constructed using 15 ounce reinforced vinyl, the heaviest and
strongest material available. We use solvent ink digital printing, considered to be the finest method of
printing in the industry. They are fully UV resistant, with an expected
outdoor lifespan of 5 years,  possibly
more, depending upon the weather conditions they are exposed to. When they are used indoors, they may
last for 20 years or more. They are, after all, constructed of the heaviest materials and the most durable ink
and printing process available. You can't buy a better product!

They have grommets every 2 feet to hang without sagging. These are the finest banners available,
unlike what your usual printing company offers.

Heat is not an issue with these banners, as they are UV resistant. The issue that shortens their life span is
frigid cold, which affects all vinyl products. In the winters of Minnesota for instance, the lifespan will be
shorter than that of Hawaii. When exposed to extreme cold for long periods, the lifespan will be shorter.

Even so, if you have to replace them, they are worth it, given the impact they have. Place them in your
budget over 3 years, and hope for the best, regardless of weather conditions!

These banners are all intended to be flat against a wall, not "flown."
O41         Vinyl indoor/outdoor Banner - 48' x 25 feet
042          Vinyl Indoor/outdoor Banner - 36" x 15 feet
Vinyl Banner Sets - Value Priced
043           Small Indoor/outdoor Banner Set

"Choose To Be..." - 24" x 15 feet
Supplemental Banners - 24" x 7 feet each
044         Medium Indoor/outdoor Banner Set

"Choose To Be..." - 36"  x 15 feet
Supplemental Banners - 24" x 7 feet each
045   Largest Indoor/outdoor Banner Set

"Choose To Be..." - 4 x 30 feet
Supplemental Banners - 36" x 10 feet each
Vinyl Indoor/outdoor Supplemental Banners

046     24" x 7 feet each.......................................

047    36" x 7 feet each........................................

048    36" x 10 feet each......................................
Vinyl Banners
The prices to the right are for
BOTH of these banners, as
these are only offered as a set.
Both of these pennants come with a stick.
We suggest a line of "white" glue on the stick
before insertion into existing slot...
Self-ownership Poster Set
Top Ten Pillars Poster Set
Tolerance Poster Set
Work Ethic poster
Continuous visual reminders are the key to
a successful program - the more the better
throughout each classroom and campus...
Buyer beware: Most sign
companies will print on 10
ounce or 12 ounce vinyl
banner material and use
3rd party inks (because it's
much less expensive).
Most inks and banner
materials are not UV
resistant, or have limited

These lightweight banners
printed with inferior ink will
not hold up more then a
year or so. They are
intended for sports events,
etc. Plus, they often crack
when rolled for storage for
future events.

Many sign companies do
not print period, but use
vinyl cut letters which are
glued to the background.
Again, an even shorter life

We use only OEM (original
equipment from the
manufacturer), Mutoh
Eco-Solvent ink on
reinforced 15oz. gloss
banner material which will
last for years outdoors in

weather without losing
its color, fade, crack or rip
while hung flat on the side
of a building. Our inks and
the banner material are the
most UV resistant available.

These are literally the finest
material money can buy,
printed on specialty
machines. Ask your banner
printer what they use. Ask
them specifically about the
weight of the vinyl and the
type of ink they use. If they
use glue on printed letters,
you should forego them if
you want longevity.

Besides, our information is
Trademarked anyway.

posters are made of
very sturdy materials, close in
thickness of a
paperback book cover.
"Character Counts" uses 10
pound paper, like copy paper
for their posters. Ours can be
moved time and again without
damage and will last for years.

Character Counts also uses
materials from third party
vendors, where ours are
consistent and aligned
within our program in every
aspect. Most every
"Character Education"
materials distributor is this
way, with a hodge podge of
materials that are
inconsistent at best.


We use only the finest
materials, so we also offer
an unconditional guarantee
on workmanship and quality.
To offer these prices, we order in huge lots of 10,000 per
poster. Please use our
"Contact Page" to ask any
questions, submit orders, etc. Our next printing is
scheduled for delivery to you by July, 2013, in time to
deliver for the beginning of next school year

Are you ready to reboot your school(s)? We're here to help.
"I am who I
choose to be and
have the
right to
change as I grow."
"I am who I choose to be and have
right to change as I grow."
Our "self-responsibility"
poster set
Our "Top Ten Pillars of
Character Education" poster
set - these are 11 individual
posters including title block
Our "Tolerance of
Others" poster set. 7
posters are included in
this set.
"I am who I choose to be and have
right to change as I grow."
"I am who I choose to be and have
right to change as I grow."
"Who owns me?"
"I own myself!"
006     Set of two supplemental posters 4 x 24 inch each - $8.00 for set
"My work ethic is my life!"
007      Poster - Work Ethic - 6 x 39 inch  $6.00
"My work ethic is my life!"
056  Indoor/outdoor Banner - Work Ethic - 24" x 15 feet   $450.00

057  Indoor/outdoor Banner - Work Ethic - 48" x 30 feet   $650.00
Making Positive Choices
"Motivation to change must come from within the individual..."