"As a teacher, it seems obvious that many students do not take responsibility for their own
thoughts or actions. To solve this issue they first need to define
'what' vs. 'who' they are.  
See a portion (9:27) of this "Change" lecture by hitting the yellow box at top right of the
home page with your cursor - a small portion of the "What vs. Who" portion of our program
is contained within this representative sampler.

"As evidence of this misplacement of personal responsibility, students tend to place
responsibility for poor social and academic performance on other individuals, be it their
parents or friends, or on situations such as family problems, poverty, or language barriers.

"Language barriers have always existed, and always will. Even beginning intermediate
English language learners can grasp this program with a BICS level of development - and the
verbiage of the "Change" lecture is intended to be grasped with limited proficiency in the
English language.

"By taking ownership through decisions to adopt a positive framework of values, individuals
take ownership of their lives - this is the basis of

"This approach, supported by 'Work Ethic,' 'Core Values,' (The Pillars) and 'Tolerance,'
along with our lesson plans, "Change" lecture, and our physical support materials as
continuous visual reminders - these add depth and dimension to the Character Education and
Development learning process."

This program will cause an immediate and tangible change in the perspective of everyone in
your school community, be they students, faculty, or administration. Even you support
(classified) employees will find changes happening in their lives.

Thank you for taking an interest in our program. We hope you will now take action as well.

Dave Carey
Founder of Making Positive Choices
Some words from the Founder of Making Positive Choices...