005 - Complete Classroom Poster Set - $30.00
Making good decisions and positive choices
doesn't happen by chance...

These classroom poster sets include our 3
"Self-ownership" posters, 11 "The Top Ten Pillars
of Character Education" posters (incl. title block),
7 "Tolerance of Others" posters (incl. title block),
and our "Work Ethic" poster This is a total of 22
posters for each classroom in one set.

Count your classrooms and other instructional
areas, multiply by $30, and that's the cost of
"dressing" these rooms with these 3 posters.

Please consider our vinyl banners and vinyl
banner sets as well, for a complete
representation of your mission.
For a visual representation of exactly what is included in each classroom poster set, see

These complete classroom poster sets are "value priced" at $30 each. This is a
$9.00 savings per classroom if these posters were purchased individually.

Constructed of heavy, durable paper-stock, these posters will last for years.

Supplement our classroom poster sets with vinyl campus banners or any of our other
materials, for around the campus or in your classrooms.

The dimensions of the "I Am Who I Choose To Be" poster in this set is 6" x 39". All other
poster dimensions can be found on the view all support materials page.

"Self-responsibility" posters
"The Top Ten Pillars of Character Education" posters
(incl. title block)
"Tolerance of Others" posters
(incl. title block)
(See below)
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Self-responsibility Poster Set
Top Ten Pillars Poster Set
Tolerance Poster Set
Work Ethic poster
Student Retention * Work Ethic * Self ownership * Core Values * Tolerance * Lesson Plans
"I am who I choose to be and have
right to change as I grow."
"Work Ethic" poster
"My work ethic is my life!"
"Motivation to change must come from within the individual..."