When students embrace the concept of responsible freedom, guidelines for positive change must be
provided. These are found in our
"Top Ten Pillars of Character Education" or the Pillars offered by
Character Counts. BUT, our Pillars include the character traits of "Work Ethic," "Duty," "Honesty," and
above all, "Courage."

Our Pillars are written in the first person, then extend outward to include others. This forms a circle of unity.

They are very different from the limited number of six Pillars that "Character Counts" embraces.

They are different in content as well as scope.

These posters are offered with all Pillars on a single poster (click here to see image of actual poster), or
with one Pillar on each poster, plus a title block
(click here to see poster set).

1. WORK ETHIC - I will always work hard
to accomplish what is best for myself
and others. This includes my family, my
friends, and my school.

2. COURAGE - I will have the courage to
do what is best for myself, and to
promote this courage in others.

3. DUTY - I will do what is expected of
me by my community, and will hold
others accountable for their actions as

4. CITIZENSHIP - I will act as I expect
others to act towards myself.

5. CARING - I will care for myself and
those that surround me.

6. RESPECT - I will do what is necessary
to respect myself, and what is necessary
for others to respect me as well.

7. RESPONSIBILITY - I will take
responsibility for my own thoughts,
actions, and deeds, and will expect
others to do the same.

8. FAIRNESS - I will be fair in my
dealings, and support others to do the

9. HONESTY - I will be honest with myself
in thought, action, and deeds, and will
support others to be honest with me.

10. TRUSTWORTHINESS - I will trust
myself to do the very best I can, and will
do all I can to allow others to trust me as
The Top Ten Pillars
Character Education
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