Our materials are being used by schools across the United States and Canada,
causing immediate and positive change in the performance and attitude of
students and other individuals by changing the perspective through which they
see life.

Our program is uncomplicated and manageable, yet has tremendous impact.

"Work Ethic":
This is stressed from the outset of our program and throughout. It sets the stage...

"What vs. Who":
In our lectures and Power Points, we define the difference between “what” we are and “who”
we are as unique individuals.

“What” we are is defined as what we do in our daily lives as citizens. An average individual may
change careers 10 or more times throughout their lifetime, but this does not define
“who” we
are –
“who” we are is found in the core values defined by our own “Top Ten Pillars of
Character Education,”
or in a limited context within the six Pillars as defined by “Character

An example: we have a friend who has achieved a doctorate level of education, yet works as a
gardener after deciding not to work in the educational field nor within “industry.”

“What” he is, is defined by his occupation, his credentials, his family life, etc – but “who” he
is, is defined in relation to his
character, his “caring,” his sense of personal “responsibility,”
his level of
“respect” for himself and others, and so on, or if you will, his core values.

In order to define ourselves as a "person of integrity," we must reflect upon the actions we
perform within our daily lives, and the adoption of a positive framework of values. Thus,
students must understand the need to define their own personal character. This is the
beginning point and basis of

We think of "Self-responsibility" like this: You can paint a coat of the worlds’ greatest paint
on an unprepared surface, but it will not stick unless the surface is prepared for it. Likewise, in
order for an individual to internalize such themes as
"Work Ethic," “Core Values,” or
“Tolerance," they must be provided with a foundation for accepting this information.

Our support materials, lectures, free Power Point presentations and lesson plan downloads are
intended to provide the foundation by which individuals can take ownership of their own
thoughts and actions. Our physical support materials are intended to reinforce these messages.

"Uncertainty vs. Fear"
If an individual was absolutely certain (beforehand) about the day to day operations of the life
they lead, there would be very little to look forward to. For instance, if I knew beforehand when
I would meet the love of my life, when my kids were going to be born, etc., - the trappings of  
life, then my life would be so utterly boring...
Uncertainty is the spice of life - it is what
makes life
interesting, not truly knowing what each day offers as it unfolds. But uncertainty is
different from fear.

Fear on the other hand, is that dread that individuals feel because they don't have a
plan nor a system for living their life. To live without a set of established values, is to
live a life as a
complete unknown - no basis for rationale, and nothing to tie us to the
world in which we live.

Most people, young and old, are not clear about their future or present moment. Most
individuals live in a state of fear of the unknown,
causing complacency, feelings of
alienation, isolation - and often anger.

Our program relieves these negative thoughts by placing the future and present
moment squarely in the hands of individuals. But first, they must understand that
"uncertainty" and "fear" are very different emotions.

With this proactive approach to uncertainty vs. fear, the natural outcome of embracing a
reference set of values
for an individual is to allow students to lead their lives in the “here-
a platform from which to perform and interact with others at a higher level.
This creates the marriage of "Work Ethic," “Self-responsibilty,” and “Core Values (the Pillars).”
Beyond this, with the acceptance and internalization of defined personal character, “Tolerance”
becomes a teachable subject.  

Two statements:
“My existence is created by others and I don’t have control of my life. My outcomes
are dictated by external forces, and this makes me feel as though I am not in control.

"So why should I perform well and get along with others when doing so is not for my
own betterment?”


“I own my world, my life, my thoughts, and my time. I am in control, and I have the
right and ability to be as I choose-
“I am who I choose to be and have the right to
change as I grow”
I will control my future as well as the present moment.”


Our solution:
Today's youth are sadly in need of a solid Character Development program. When
you play chess you think 3 moves ahead. What will this world be like in 3
generations from  now? Generation X had video games. This "Y" generation has
unlimited access to the most negative of influences through the Internet, while
mom and dad are out of the home trying to pay the bills.  We must have less
anger, negativity, violence, and an environment that thrives. We believe we have
the answer, and intend to spread it throughout the globe.
Our Program - An Overview
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