Our Philosophy Statement

Self empowerment can be taught. It is the only
way that the achievement gap can be closed...

With international media headlines showing distortions of common sense, the world is a very
confusing place. Individuals need "SQUARE ONE" more than ever before. This is fed by open
access to the Internet and related influences.

Freedom of choice is tremendously empowering, but it carries responsibility. This is the basis of our program, out of
which comes a higher level of performance by students as well other individuals and yields improved patterns of social
behavior and social justice. Self empowerment yields personal equity.

We think this is the most inclusive "Character Development" program available to any school or social
organization operating in a democratic society. We wish you tremendous success using it, and look forward
to your input as well.

"Work Ethic"
We believe that the youth of today have not retained the sense of "work ethic" that prior generations had instilled within
them during their upbringing. Call this a sense of 'entitlement,' or any other descriptor, but the fact remains that they
often don't know the importance of  a strong work ethic. Bringing the consequences of this to their attention is a
fundamental component of our program.

"What vs. Who":
This is the beginning point for defining ourselves as the unique individuals that we are. With this internalized, we attain
the ability to come together as a cohesive unit within society.

"What" we are is a description of the things we do in everyday life.

"Who" we are is defined by the framework of values we have adopted. You'll understand this component thoroughly as
you read through our program and lesson plans.

What is "Self-responsibility?"
"Self-ownership" is the acknowledgement that as unique individuals, each of us is responsible for the thoughts, deeds,
and actions we perform as well as the decisions we make, and that we have the right and ability to determine and set our
own goals and behaviors. We believe this is the "Grail" for closing the achievement gap, regardless of race or creed.  

Why "I am who I choose to be...?"
You can tell students to make good choices. You can tell them there are consequences for making bad choices. But
your efforts are diminished, until students realize that they alone are responsible for making these decisions. By
internalizing the message, "I am who I choose to be...," students can actually (finally!) grasp that their successes or
failures are the result of the decisions they make.

Why "Who owns me?," and "I own myself!"
This is very empowering, when individuals actually understand (at last!) that as unique individuals they have the right,
ability, and responsibility to dictate their own future.

"The Top Ten Pillars of Character Education"
When individuals embrace the concept of self responsibility through "I am who I choose to be...," guidelines for positive
change must be provided. These are found in "The Top Ten Pillars of Character Education."

Using the structure of these Pillars, and the positive core values they embrace, individuals are given a global awareness
of what it takes to live and lead a positive and rewarding life.

Why not include such notable subjects as "truthfulness," or "attitude" to form an ever larger set of Pillars?
When "The Top Ten Pillars of Character Education" are followed, other elements such as these occur as a
result of the Pillar guidelines.

Our Pillars are written to include the individual who internalizes each message, then extend outwards to
include others, forming a "circle" that embraces all. This promotes unity and tolerance - within the school
and outside community, and between all individuals as well.

"Tolerance of Others"
Our tolerance posters are visual reminders of the enjoyment and fun that can be had by appreciating the uniqueness of
others. With "Tolerance of Others" as a focal point, greater unity will be achieved within your organization. Tolerance
becomes natural when the other program components are in place.

- Our Lesson Plans/Discussion Modules -
Our lesson plans are an added bonus, but are not mandatory for realizing the impact of this program. They
add interpersonal sharing within group discussions...

Our lesson plans are always free. Continuously evolving, these lesson plans follow a format which is clear
and manageable for teacher and administrator alike. They can be timed, for instance, to be aligned with the
subject of Standardized Testing,  just prior to the actual test period.

... We invite you to send your thoughts and ideas. We may use your ideas. Sorry, no compensation, but the
rewards are huge when they affect so many individuals.

We would also like to publish your testimonials on our web site for all to read. Your testimonials are greatly
appreciated, and help generate interest and credibility for this cutting edge program...

We create immediate and tangible change within your student and faculty
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"Motivation to change must come from within the individual..."