Improving Standardized Test Scores

For administration, improvements in student performance can mean dramatic increases in funding though state
and federal sources. It is imperative that students take mandatory tests seriously and perform to the best of
their ability.

Often, students arbitrarily "bubble in" answers on these tests, refusing to acknowledge the importance of their
scores for their school. Teachers promise pizza parties, administrators hold assemblies prior to testing, and
other inspirational activities are conducted. But in the end, with day after day of testing, students invariably
become weary, with their performance becoming less than 100%.

The motivation for students to perform well on these tests, and often the only motivation they will understand, is that doing
their best is the correct thing to do for their school.
This is consistent with the core values found in "The Pillars of
Character Education,
" our emphasis on "Work Ethic, as well as other program components. This is an integral and part of
our program.

Since their school nurtures and cares for them, student motivation to perform well must come from their desire
to "take care of those who take care of them."

Have your students embrace the concept of "I am who I choose to be....", the "The Top Ten Pillars of Character
" (core values) and our delivery of "Work Ethic", and you will see their performance increase on standardized
tests because of a fresh commitment to the well being of their school. They will do so in support of their "community," as
taught by Making Positive Choices.

This level of increased performance by not arbitrarily "bubbling in" answer sheets while taking standardized
tests can be justified to them, as the scores on these tests are a "report card" of what their school is capable of,
and the school's ranking among others. When they realize the importance of this towards the benefit of their
ommunity, they will show immediate and tangible change towards their school.

This program will focus on those that previously "did not care" as well those that presently "don't care." This is
fundamental from the first day that you adopt our program. The key to this, again, is our four core areas.

Again, the 50 largest cities in the United States have an average drop out rate of 47%! Are you part of the
problem, or are you the cure?

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