The Principal of our "pilot school" (Mrs. Weaver) was chosen (February 2012)
as the center spread in "California Educator," a magazine all teachers and
administration in California receive who are part of the CTA (California
Teachers Association), which include all public schools.

The title of this article is "What is Leadership?"

This is one out of over 17,000 schools in California. For this level of success in
your school(s), please contact us. Request our free lecture Power Points, use
our lesson plans as found on this site, and order our support materials.
During the 2010-2011 school year, our pilot school was audited during a six year
review by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges  (WASC). At this time,
the numbers were revealed regarding graduation rates. The third year after the
"Change" lectures were given to all students, faculty, and administration, the
overall graduation rate rose from 58% to 88%. This was a 51% increase in student
retention. No other protocols were established during this period - the only
change was the use of our program.

To view page 51 of this WASC report as evidence, click here.
Absolute Evidence of Success...
The Vice-Principal of our pilot school, Ms. Rachael Corley-Maciel, went to a
counselor, Ms. Kim Cooper, and the Principal, Mrs. Sheryl Weaver, with the idea for
a video to inspire the students to do well on their Standardized Tests. They went to
the campus Video Production Academy, and with the skills of Mr. Mike Counts as
director and video editor, they came up with the video you will see by clicking the link

This is a spin on the latest J.Lo video, which they entitled "Put Your Pencils Up,"
created for the purpose of improving student standardized test scores.

Credits (as they are due):
Ms. Rachael Corley-Maciel
(the "Concept Creator" and Vice-Principal) as Pitbull.
Ms. Kim Cooper (the Counselor) as J.Lo.
Ms. Sheryl Weaver (the Principal) as the silver haired "Damsel of Empowerment."
Mr. Mike Counts (the teacher who leads the Video Production Academy): Director,
Video Editor, and a gentleman of "Creative Mastery."

This video demonstrates what the potential for improvement is when the channels of
creativity are open and people are
choosing to be the very best that they can be.
Making Positive Choices was not involved in this in any way - these people are just
plain "turned on." More of the same that is happening at this school.

Bravo to this group of fine individuals! They have stated that this video
should be seen by everyone who has anything to do with standardized
testing. So please email the URL to your associates...

Click here to see this
amazing short video:
Question: How can you continuously walk past banners and classroom
posters that declare "I am who I choose to be and have the right to
change as I grow" - and other affirmations, and
not reach for your
highest potential?

The students are affected by this, but the greatest intensity comes from
the adults - when the adults are thinking alike, synergy occurs, and great
things take place...

Additionally, use your "homeroom" period,
or establish one to administer
our lesson plans.