What grade levels are appropriate for this program?
  All are...

1.  Physical support materials: these include our classroom poster sets,
other posters, pennants, and vinyl banners: These are written and
understandable at all K-12 levels. They are written simply enough for a 5 year
old to grasp the content, and are straight forward enough for a high school
senior to accept them. There are no content changes necessary for any of
these. ESL students at the BICS (the beginning intermediate) level can easily
understand this content.

 Our lecture Power Point content: these are free downloads from our
website and are in an editable format. Use these as they currently exist for
grades 6-12, or edit the content as deemed necessary for K-5 – though many
of the slides are understandable at all levels. Since these presentations
drive the lectures, any individual can proctor the lectures to the student
body and related staff. Please see our “Change” video for a sample
presentation, shown on the home page of this web site. There are no
copyright restrictions on any of our Power Point presentations.

Lesson Plans: these are free downloads from our website, with the
option to download as a Word document. For grades 6-12, they are
understandable and usable as they currently exist. For K-5, the teacher
internalizes the lesson content  and proctors them as deemed necessary for
their targeted audience. Each lesson plan is presented with the following
a)        Objective.
b)        Prompts for discussion.
c)        Wrap up.
d)        “For the teacher,” a non-eduspeak’ version of the Objective.

There are 35 lessons, best given in a comfortable environment within the
classroom (see "Program Management"). They are arranged much like the
information given within the “Change” video, with weeks 26 - 28 targeted
towards Standardized Testing preparation - around the time prior to testing.
Adjust your delivery of these lessons to suit your situation. See the
"Change" video and the lesson plans for a more thorough understanding.
There are no copyright restrictions on our lesson plans. The order of
delivery can be tailored according to your needs.

EL students at the BICS level will understand these lesson plans to the
extent that faculty presents them in simple format - this might include SDAIE
or SIOP strategies, but is intended to proctored without going to that extent.