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Dave Carey, the founder of MPC has a BA, MA, a clear California State Teaching Credential, is qualified to teach English Language
Learners (ESL) in the mainstream classroom (CLAD Certification through Pearson Evaluation Systems) as well as students with
learning disabilities (LD). He is currently enrolled for a second Masters' degree at California State University @ Fresno in
"Educational Leadership and Administration." This concept of self empowerment is the focus of his studies. He was chosen by the
State of California as a "Chancellors Fellow" because of his input within this field of endeavor.

In 2003, Dave was "Teacher of the Year" for Fowler High School as well as Fowler Unified School District as a whole. Fowler is
located 10 miles south of Fresno. He is presently Chairman of the Industrial Technology Department at the school where he
currently teaches - this is the largest school in the 4th largest school district in California, where he fully implemented this program
as his "pilot school."

2013 marks the 14th year this program has been in development.

Making Positive Choices is dedicated to helping individuals make positive changes in their lives. This is accomplished by promoting
the four central themes of
"Work Ethic," "Self-responsibility,” the guiding principles of "The Top Ten Pillars of Character
(Core Values) and the acceptance of one another through "Tolerance." The use of this concept and related
materials creates focus on the development of Self, Career (work), Core Values, Unity and Tolerance, and overall positive growth.

It is Making Positive Choices hope that you will embrace these concepts and materials and find greater success with your
students, faculty, staff, overall Administration, and other individuals. We think this is the most straightforward vehicle available for
focusing students on their potential, improving unity within the student body of your school, while causing overall improvement
within the lives of each student. All components of this program are interlaced with one another - hence, we are not a company
that sells third party materials

Dave further believes that while academics are a huge component of a student's education, personal and social development is
necessary as well and needs to be taught within all schools.

The sale of our "Support Materials" is what allows us to spread this concept.
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Dave Carey, in "lecturer form"...
"I deeply hope you will find the worth and value of every individual by using this program."    
A mail out in progress... We are a "grassroots" company, looking to
cause great change. We are not a fancy corporation or huge
publishing company. Proceeds from the sale of our materials go to
furthering the concept, printing, and paying for order fulfilment.
"Change must come from within the individual..."