Regarding ADA/FTE $$$

Economically, as far as revenues to your district are concerned, it's really not the
drop out rate that counts - it's the student retention rate. Same coin, but read from
the other side. Our program increases student retention by causing campus unity,
reduced fear of the unknown, and offers a methodology for student achievement
within which your entire district can operate.

As with the school shown on the home page of this site that has risen from a 58%
overall graduation rate to an 88% overall graduation rate (
retention rate, troops!)
within two years, think of the money generated by this student retention via

We are not just "posters on a wall." We are a fully integrated program, as you will
understand as you read the material presented on this web site.

Here's a thought: if 50% (you input the number) of those freshmen who begin High
School in your district never graduate, what impact does this have upon your
ADA/FTE funding? Multiply this throughout your district, and the numbers are huge.

Would the kids feel as though they want to leave their "home" culture of
school if they felt safe, loved, and valuable? Further, what would parents do
if they knew their children were being put through a
solid Character
Education program
while at school - would they remove them?  

Answers to these questions are found within this web site.

We hope you embrace this program and discover the true potential of your student
population, faculty, and administration.

Our central goal is to help young people achieve actualization (their highest
potential). But a huge secondary result is the revenue that your district stands to

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