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"Motivation to change must come from within the individual..."
"The program was phenomenal, in helping drive
home these issues to our students as well as our

Sheryl Weaver (Educator of the Year for all of CA, 2012, as stated in Educator Magazine, sent
to all certified staff in CA - try a Google search for this tremendous individual )
Sunnyside High School
Fresno, California

     This is the largest school in the 4th largest school district in California.
"I have the posters in the front of the classroom.
We had a great discussion surrounding the
content, and why I would bring these into the
room. I also have the “I am who I choose to be”
posters in my office.

I am the vice principal and I refer to them often
when going through problem solving with kids,
always referring to the choices they have made
that have brought them to the situation…"

Jasmin Marshman
Vice Principal
Grief Point Elementary
Powell River, British Columbia
"I would like to thank you on behalf of our faculty
and student body for creating a program with a
simple mantra
("I Am Who I Choose To Be,...") and deep, far
reaching potential."

Cindy Wiley
Oak Mountain High School
Birmingham, Alabama
"I was thrilled and also a little surprised at how
cooperative the students were, and how they
spoke honestly when discussing the pillars,
especially the last part about tolerance and
appreciating our differences. They shared some
very profound thoughts, and we all worked as a
group. It was great."

(describing free Lesson Plans)

Sabine E. Lyons
6th Grade Language Arts
Max Bruner Jr. Middle School
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
"The 'I AM WHO I CHOOSE TO BE,...' pennants
grace the classrooms and halls of our elementary,
middle and high schools in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Over 150 schools used the signs to celebrate
National Career Development Month's theme:
Imagine the Possibilities. Internal motivation -
connecting who I am with what I do - is a key to
student achievement.

The pennant message prompted dialogue among
all the stake holders in student success-students,
parents, teachers, school counselors and business
and community members."


Nancy Donnelly
Devonshire Career Center
Falls Church, Virginia
"The impact has been phenomenal. I have seen a
decline in referrals, from approximately 10 a day
to around 3, and the number of fights and acts of
physical aggression have been cut in half ..."

Heather Halldorson
Dean of Students
Clear Lake Middle School
Denver, Colorado
"I thought you might be interested in how we are
making use of the poster set(s) we recently
ordered and received, "The Top Ten Pillars of
Character Education".

Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School is
currently using the PLC
(Professional Learning Community) model to
create a more effective and positive learning
atmosphere, both for staff and for students.

As part of the community, each staff member
belongs to a committee.

The committee to which I belong is "Developing
Social Responsibility", and the posters fit in
perfectly with our objective.

We are having the posters mounted and
laminated with a two inch black border and they
will be permanently fixed to the walls where
students gather.

Our school is undergoing extensive renovations
and our goal is to use the positive statements in
the set to remind students that respect of each
other as well as the space will go a long way in
making the school a better place to learn.

I hope this information helps. The website was
useful, friendly, and the service has been great."


Sherry Ainscough
Student Records Office
Alberta, Canada
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Closing the Achievement Gap via Self-responsibility, Core Values, Work Ethic, Tolerance, Lesson Plans, Lectures
Making Positive Choices is dedicated to empowering students by means of internal change. Change
must come from within. Students must want to learn... This applies to your staff as well...

Our program creates personal responsibility, which is what is needed to close the achievement gap
that exists within schools. Nothing else has worked thus far. This concept has proven itself.

Think of those individuals who made the decision to rise above their past state of being, by taking
responsibility and ownership of their own thoughts and actions.

This is applicable to all students and faculty.
A comprehensive program for your school and district...
To the left is an example of our "Self-ownership," or self
responsibility message. Please note the support for students
who can and will redeem themselves from past behaviors or
poor grades - this allows them a chance to start anew.
"I am who I choose to be, and have
right to change as I grow."
Making Positive Choices
- The taking of "Self-ownership," or, personal
responsibility for ones own thoughts, deeds, and

- An advanced level of work ethic.

- A reduction in fear - the root cause of all negative
behaviors. "Fear" vs. "Uncertainty" is explained in
detail. Cast away personal fear, name it "uncertainty,"
and watch your culture flourish.

- The Big Three means of existence - from
"Acceptance," to "Enthusiasm," to "Joy." All areas of
life must first begin by being "present."

- How an individual's perspective can be changed in
an instant.

- The Top Ten Pillars" of Character Education. These
differ from Character Counts, in that they begin within
the first person, extend outwards to others, then back
to the individual - creating a circle of awareness of
Core Values. There are four additional Pillars...

- How to enable an individual by offering
"Redemption" for a negative personal past profile,
allowing them to begin anew with zero strikes against

- An immediate change of campus/district culture,
leading to higher achievement in every area.

- Lesson plans for Advisory (homeroom) classes that
will build throughout the year.

- Improve your Standardized Test Scores and
Benchmarks with all of the above.

- Help meet your API and AYP goals with all of the

- Help your School and District become "International
Baccalaureate" (IB) designated.
The following are the
"Core Components" of
what Making Positive
Choices teaches:
More testimonials from the US and Canada...
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